The Hartley Room is named after Mr. and Mrs. John N. Hartley. The Hartleys were the first family to purchase this historic home from the Judge Lewis Family in 1948. They owned the property from 1948 to 1984. Mr. Hartley was a prominent Winterset attorney for 50 years and was elected County Attorney in 1928. Mr Hartley was also a Charter member of the Winterset Lions club. He was actively involved with the planning board of the Madison County Memorial Hospital from 1945 to 1954 and Chairman of the Board in 1973. Mr Hartley married Lois M. Martin in 1948, and it was at this time he purchased the estate from Fred Lewis (Judge Lewis’ son). Mrs. Hartley was a legal secretary until the birth of the first of two children, at which time she stayed home to raise their children and take care of her family. She was also a member of the Madison County Historical Society and the Current Topics Club. Both John and Lois were lifetime residents of Winterset, both graduating from Winterset High School.